Combat Strength of the Indian Airforce

The Indian Airforce is known to be the air arm of the Indian armed forces. Indian has Most advanced Aircrafts and proved to be the most dangerous for the enemy troops . also Indian Airforce aim’s to acquiring 1st position in the worlds most strongest Airforce by 2030 . Hindustan Aeronautics limited(HAL) has also started design work on an Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft’s which will be best and powerfull Aircrafts among all other Aircrafts .

Indian Airforce has around 1467 Aircrafts . Few Aircrafts are enlisted below according to combat ,Air Superiority Multi Role , ground attack , helicopters ,Transport, Trainer Aircrafts .

Combat Aircrafts : There are around 616 combat aircrafts with the Indian Airforce which includes both Air Superiority Multi Role and Ground Attack Aircrafts :

There are 358 Air Superiority Multi Role Aircrafts :

  •         MiG-29                                                        
  •         Mirage 2000H
  •         MiG-21 Bison
  •         Sukhoi-30 MKI
  •         HAL Tejas
  •         MiG-21Bis

There are 258 Ground attack Aircrafts :

  •         MiG-27 UPG
  •         MiG-27 ML
  •         MiG-21 M/MF
  •         Jaguar IS
  •         Jaguar IM

HELICOPTERS : There are around 359 Helipcopters in service at Indian Airforce till now:

  •        Mi-8Mi-17
  •        Mi-17 V-5
  •        Mi-24/35
  •        Mi-26
  •        Chetak
  •        Cheetah
  •        Dhruv

TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT: There are around 257 Transport Aircrafts capable of providing  service in every drastic situation and rescue opertions.

  •       C-17 (3)
  •       Il-76 MD (17)
  •       Il-78 MKI (6)
  •       An-32 (119)
  •       Boeing 737
  •       Embraer 135BJ
  •       A-50E (3)

TRAINER AIRCRAFT: Indian Airforce has specially designed Aircrafts for the Trainees  :

  •       HJT-16 Kiran
  •       BAe Hawk Mk 132
  •       Pilatus PC-7

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