Accretion Of Indian Airforce

The Indian Airforce got established on October 1932 under the Indian Airforce Act executed by the British India. Indian Airforce in collaboration with the Royal Airforce took part in various missions. That time ,the Indian Airforce mainly focus on Strike, Close Air Support, the collection of imagery intelligence, observation of enemy maneuvers and artillery spotting, Bomber Escort and Pathfinding missions for Royal Airforce.  Continue reading “Accretion Of Indian Airforce”

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Combat Strength of the Indian Airforce

The Indian Airforce is known to be the air arm of the Indian armed forces. Indian has Most advanced Aircrafts and proved to be the most dangerous for the enemy troops . also Indian Airforce aim’s to acquiring 1st position in the worlds most strongest Airforce by 2030 . Hindustan Aeronautics limited(HAL) has also started design work on an Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft’s which will be best and powerfull Aircrafts among all other Aircrafts .

Indian Airforce has around 1467 Aircrafts . Few Aircrafts are enlisted below according to combat ,Air Superiority Multi Role , ground attack , helicopters ,Transport, Trainer Aircrafts . Continue reading “Combat Strength of the Indian Airforce”

Indian Airforce Ranks

The Highest rank in the Indian Airforce is the Marshal of the Indian Air Force ,this rank cannot be achieved easily nor it can be conferred to anyone as yearly handover. This is the most prestigious rank and it can be only achived, someone who is exceptionally done well . This rank is conferred by the President  Of India . After all this , the next most attainable rank is the Air Chief Marshal ,who is the head and the commander of the Indian Air Force.

The Ranks of the Indian Airforce is enlisted below in the order from high rank to Low rank: Continue reading “Indian Airforce Ranks”

Strength of the Indian Airforce

The Air Force employs 127,000 personnel who are the best trained guard . The Indian Air Force (IAF) has developed into a major ‘Component of National Power’, which can be applied quickly and decisively. IAF has started upgrading its combat aircraft fleet since the last few years in order to enhance its operational capability and maintain its aircraft as modern weapon platforms, capable of meeting the present challenges posed by the security scenario in our region. Continue reading “Strength of the Indian Airforce”

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